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Sustainability and Your Wood Windows

Sustainability and heritage go hand in hand. By preserving the historic elements of your home, such as the windows, not only are you preserving a unique piece of our cultural heritage that would be difficult and expensive to replicate in today’s world, but you are keeping precious resources out of the landfill. Wood windows are made of endlessly repairable components, wood and glass. Glass is easily replaced or reglazed and if the wood is damaged, it can be repaired and in rare cases replaced. Most windows will not require extensive repairs. When your windows have been repaired they will not only look better, they will be weather tight and ready to last for another 50 to 100 years. Try getting that kind of value from a vinyl window. You might be surprised to see how nicely your windows will look after being repaired and repainted even if their condition seems beyond hope.

To explore this topic of sustainability further please check the links on the Vancouver Heritage foundation website and their free downloadable booklet
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