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Japanese Timber Framing

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Last summer (2010) I volunteered at Harvest Haven Health in Lethbridge AB.  For 2-weeks I worked on a projected led by two Master Carpenters from Japan (Yoshitomo Takahashi and Akihiro Kitami) and attended by a number of other timber framers.

I was there for the last two weeks and was invloved in the assembly and raising.  There wasn’t as much instruction as I had hoped, but I was able to see a number of demonstrations, sound out a number of processes, and try my hand at a number of tools outside my usual activities (chainsaw mills, portable mortiser, carving attachments for grinders, and an assortment of specialty planes and chisels).  Work included some fairly advanced layout, cutting scarfs, mortise and tenons, assembly, erection (knocking the dust off my rigging training), and pegging.  The highlight for me, skill-wise, was the scribed mortise and tenon using logs (photo of completed joint included).


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