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Kilby Project in Local Newspaper

Last week’s Agassiz-Harrison Observer featured a background story on my current project.

Click to read “Kilby saved by Emergency Funding”.

(That’s me in the foreground in the white helmet, trying not to get eaten by mosquitoes.)


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Kilby Historic Site

Like many whose work largely depends on weather, I spent a lot of my spring watching the rain fall.  I spent some of that time spinning my wheels, but much of it looking for job leads.  When searching for leads was slow, I also sent a couple of applications as back up.  When a project management company in Maple Ridge offered me a job as an Assistant Superintendent, I thought I’d be turning my back on heritage for a spell.

It turns out the first project I am on is Kilby Historic SiteAfter too much deferred maintenance, the building is undergoing an exterior restoration.  On the to-do list is a new roof, dealing with failing (lead) paint, and conservation of the windows and front porch.  We will also be assessing the structure (largely in good repair), ramps and site drainage.

I will keep you posted…

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